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    Bert extends his deepest gratitude to all his fantastic fans.  Your kind words and support have been a meaningful and endearing presence to which Bert is eternally grateful.  
"Bert you are the best, since I bought your CD on the cruise I can't stop listening to it. Thank you for making your music, and my days on the cruise unforgettable."
Iris, Chicago, IL
"You are the best entertainer I have ever witnessed, I will book my next cruise around your schedule."
Lee Sylvester & Shar, Southfield, MI
"Bert is the best performer I know. He's a boatload of fun. I bought the CD and want to be like Bert when I grow up."
Scott Ossim, Fishers, IN
"Saw Bert again on the Caribbean Princess in May 2004 .............just keeps getting better and better."
Shirley Ditch, Woodbridge, VA
"My wife Judie and I were on the Carribean Princess early in May 2005. For us, Bert proved to be the best entertainment on the ship. We are without question Bertified, and happy to be. He is an energizing performer. I have two of his CD's and they are Sooooo GOOD! I hope to see him again."
Bill Leighton, Orrington, Maine
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